The Poppins
A strict selection

Our first mission, here at the Poppins Agency is to provide quality , safety and to make sure that you are surrounded by reliable au pairs/ host families.

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A training

Nappies changing, bath time, healthy snacks, sun and heat exposure, you will learn all the tricks to be the perfect au pair.

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A new payment system

Dont need to think twice, with our new payment system.  No up front fees but also no commitment. We are making sure it is fair forthe family , the au pair & the agency.

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Presentation Stage
First step of the process, we will provide a form for the au pair and the host family to fill out. Thanks to this form we will be able to design a profile based on your expectations.
The Matching Process
Key time of the adventure, it is the moment to choose and first meet your new family member/ Family.
The Prep stage
Last but not least step of this process, we will help you to get ready for this new adventure (guide,aupair course, checklist, must have etc).

Curious and Open minded, you are dreaming about new landscape and new way of life? Travelling and discovering a new culture is what you are all about? Maybe you are dreaming on those cute pictures of Koalas on instagram or your friends selfie’s with a Kangouroo. Maybe you are just curious about this big red rock in the middle of nowhere so called Uluru or maybe you are just dreaming of hitting the road on the world famous coast line: The great ocean road ? Well, we know how you can achieve your goals … 

Becoming a part of the bigger pictures
the true stories

Travelling and discovering a new culture is what you are all about.

Our first stage
Nothing easier than this, you just have to contact us and we will send you a form to fill out. After reading your form, we will contact you and organized a meeting or phone call.
A safe place to be
To provide a safe environment, for the aupair and for the host family, we are running a full screen to make sure that we have all the information needed ( insurance,police check,references etc).
Ongoing support
Like a friend, a mentor or an advisor, we will be with you step by step, to help and share with you.